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Coloring Pages

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Coloring Book Cover

"Get in the Swim"

"Pool Safety"

Color By Number

"In A Boat"

"Back Float"


"Swimming Under Water"

"Make 5 Second Bubbles"

"Eyeball Bubbles"

"Jumping In, Looking Around"

"Back Float Again"

"Back Stroke"

"Butterfly Stroke"

"Crawl Stroke"

"Back Stroke"

"Crawl Stroke - Rotary Breath"

"Butterfly Stroke"

"You have to open your eyes to pick up rings!"

"Back Kick on Play Board"

"Front Kick on Play Board"

"Bathtub Fun -
Mirror and Water"

"Pick up rings - shallow"

"Squeeze the sponge"

"Blow out the candle -
under water"

"Whole Head Bubbles"

"Moving Pennies in the bathtub"

"Mirror and Water in the bathtub"

"Six Flags Fun"

"Tickle Ears in Bathtub"

"I pour water on my head"